As a purpose-driven plate-spinner, I’ve really appreciated Yesenia’s support in cutting through the mental clutter to find focus, while offering compassionate reminders and valuable tools that help me to keep balance.
Whether we are meeting at a cafe, on the phone, or at her office, she has a great way of holding space for creative processing. She has an authentic, open-minded, supportive, and uplifting presence, and I leave our sessions feeling empowered. I trust her to consider the intentions and integrity I strive to maintain in my work, while helping me to stretch beyond my familiar boundaries to reach new levels of prosperity in my life.
— Aubrey Vora, Explorer at whimsadoodles
One-on-one coaching sessions have taken me from simply having tons of knowledge from workshops and classes to really applying the knowledge specifically to my own work and my own goals. And working with Yesenia in particular has been a joy, as she is just the right combination of knowledge, practicality, support and warmth that an artist needs as a coach. I am happy to say that with Yesenia’s help I am now able to describe my work much more clearly and I now have a much stronger understanding of the grant application process as it applies specifically to me. Most importantly, I now also have a very strong collection of narratives describing my work that I look forward to using for future grant applications. It’s been very empowering for me to go through Yesenia’s process and exercises. They have helped me gain clarity on why I do my work and how my work contributes to my community.
— Caroline C., Musician
My work with Yesenia has been a gift. One of the qualities that makes working with her so incredible is her tremendous scope. She is truly a holistic healer. Yesenia has been instrumental in professionalizing my business as healer and has helped me to bridge the gap between my work as an artist and community worker.
In addition to her guidance and professional advice, Yesenia worked with me in all other areas of life. Since working with her I have attracted loving relationships, my financial wellness has increased , and my business is taking off. My overall quality-of-life is significantly improved since our work together.
I highly recommend Yesenia as a coach, healer and a spiritual guide. She will help you get to where you want to go, and will help you radically make peace and accept where you need to be along the way. Yesenia has the tools, compassion and gift to help you manifest your soul’s intent with grace power and integrity
— Elizabeth Traina,
Yesenia is someone who is totally on your side, focused on your needs and your success. She offers a mild positive therapy aspect to her coaching without being inauthentic. She helps you plan and actualize your overall vision through systems and structure. She helps set up your time management system and weekly scheduling. Yesenia offers excellent professional advice on budgeting, hiring staff and management strategies. She will create your cash flow and financial strategy and templates, income and expenses. Highly beneficial are her professional connections in financial planning, retirement and bookkeeping. Personally valuable to me as an artist, were her professional contacts in the arts: e.g my bookkeeper worked in Arts Admin, my Financial planner is an artist and graduate of SF Art Institute. She helped me land the right people to work with. Yesenia also worked for both Intersection for the Arts and Galeria de la Raza. She helped me design the job description and advised me on hiring a manager. And the tea she offers in her beautiful home office is delicious
— Paul S. Flores, Writer and Doris Duke Artist Award Winner
Yesenia coached me through the most difficult professional and personal transition of my entire adult life. I could have never survived it without her. The advice, tools and support she provided helped me get through each day with dignity and hope and helped me build a happy, healthy and productive new life
— Kathy Budas, Arts Marketing Professional
Yesenia Sanchez was a great help to us. She had the magical ability to guide us forward and challenge us when necessary, and yet to really follow our leads and interests. She came into a very complicated faculty decision-making process and helped empower us to make sense of it all.
— Eric Kupers, CSU East Bay Department of Theatre and Dance